The Flower Of Persuasion

The moment I saw the in-between

you were like a starlight,

shining trough my eyes,

to the very Sirius star of Contemplation.

I knew you would see me like the light I am,

and that you are too,

so please Forgive and Love me Forever.

Because I will.


The Ocean

I am the sea

I am the ocean

I am the current

That flows through your shoulders

I am the light within you and me

As you are the same

In one we are free


The Little House

The little house by the sea

felt so calm, bold and free.

Yet at times it cried out loud,

it was so lonely every night!

The little house did not share

its deepest secrets, with none but me.

Now that I was gone away,

the little house could only pray!

Bilde av Leonardo Rossatti fra Pexels