The Ocean

I am the sea

I am the ocean

I am the current

That flows through your shoulders

I am the light within you and me

As you are the same

In one we are free

Mind Fragments

Thoughts on Freedom

Take me back to the fields of green, where the ocean smell like flowers, bursting in bloom.

Show me how you did it, I want to do it too, so I can be free, just like you.

Your soul speaks to me on more levels than I can count, it has made me realise we truly all are one.

The Law of One persits, on all levels of existence, it’s so beautiful. What more do you need?

Life is about experience, the ups and downs, the losses and the wins. But most of all; the choices that we make.

That’s how it is, and always will be, for sentient beings like ourselves.

So claim your Light, and never forget about what’s right.

Love for All.