The Seeds of The New Earth

We are now moving into the future timeline,

where DNA is brought to Healing.

The beautiful flames of the Violet Fire

will soar in the hearts of all who desires!

Take your place in the New Earth coming,

and bless the souls of all of Humanity.

Freedom will come,

and Love will shower.

We are the ones we were always seeking!

The future is here.



You left,

you came,

back again.

Shattered in pieces I laid on the bed,

pouring my dreams out.

“What do you mean?”

I ask myself,

as I looked behind the curtain,

“is it over now?”

I can´t seem to be the one you thought I was,

laying here,

in my shattered dream.

Time will pass it always does,

and nothing is constant,

except for the lies.

Now the pieces were on the floor,


deep in the Great Mother.

And I found myself,



The Hopeful Voyager

The hopeful voyager walks on his path,

his steps are large, his head is high.

Walking on dreams of truth and success,

he wants to be it in the flesh!

A time comes around when all is dark,

he can´t see his future, nor his past.

After a while he once more breaks free,

all is good, all is healed.

Picture by Gaetan THURIN from Pexels