Sacred Haven

Once I fell in the pitch black dark.

No surrender, no hope would last.

Then I came to see your scars,

they healed my faith,

and all my thoughts.

I wish that you could see me now,

walking down this very path.

I think you would be proud of me.

Being lost sat me free.


The Cosmos – a love story

Once upon a time there was two particles

they fell in love

hard and awesome

They came to be Adam and Eve

who lives somewhere in you and me

Trasport me!


“You are now connected.”


The Push

She stood outside, the floor fifteen feet below her. She felt the drag. She almost slumbered.

She felt. She was. She was more than she would ever be. Having the attention of everyone in between. But it was not worth it. Why would it be, if she was not?

Stop tormenting me! She thought. Stop this vandalism of my truth! She screamed in pain.

Nothing she ever did could be compared to anything so simplistic as this, to give up life? What was she thinking? Why on earth would she throw herself fifteen feet off of a building? Why on earth would she do something like that?

She was furious. Furious with herself, but more so the world. How could the world be so cruel?

What did she, or did not do, to deserve this feeling? This void? This all-encompassing disgust?

Let me go.

Forgive me.

Set me free.

And she lived.

She forgave.

She let go.

She lived.



I’m in the flow, following my mission.

My spirit choose whatever I am doing.

I am free.


Poetry of Life


Poetry of life begins in your heart,

touch the ceiling and reach for the stars!

Find yourself

as you look for me,

inside the Purpose,

inside the Dream.

Now connect,

be still with yourself.

Feel the drum of your Higher Self.

Trust that it will guide you,

that it will make you see,

what is lies in your heart,

what you came to be!

Fly with me and dream away.

You are now connected.

Walk away with a smile.

Ground into the Earth and Father Sky.

Free. Proud. Invincible.

With the Power of Love,

let GO.


Divine Marriage

So…when will it begin?

She asked, in the silence of inside currents

so wide they could penetrate any order.

I was perplexed, yet intrigued to get to know her.

She sat beside me,

touching my heart, and all went dark.

He came in the winter, and left in spring.

I did not know when.

He made me strong, he made me see,

what had to be done.

And then Life flourished,

like anticipated.


I am the bringer of dreams come to life.

I am the seed, the flower, the heat!

I will make you rise up once again.

I will bring your sorrows to end.

I am life, hard and cold.

I am life, warm and strong.

Please forgive me.


Kings And Queens

The King for my crown,

the Queen for my throne.

I am the purpose,

I am the song.

Bring me to life,

So I can breathe.

Seed the flower that needs to be free.


Somebody Like You

How much I love,

The rain on my face.

The sun in the waves,

please see me clearly.

I hope you understand,

If we were strangers,

I would bring you back again and again.

Love me,

hold me,

make me understand.

Your wounds are healing,

For that I can rest.

Let me be your shadow,

Let us integrate.

With your Light,

I will always find my way.

(Again, again and again)

xx for the fans. I know you understand. Just like the wave you keep on floating.

Poetry Prayers

Waning Moon Prayer

I Release and Let Go of all that do not serve me.

I Surrender to the God I hear when breathing.

Allow me to make my life a Living Dream,

allow me to take the chances I so need.

I am no longer lost, I am no longer scattered,

Empowered by the Love, I Now can Soar on further!

And So It Is.