True Life

True life exist in you,

as you flow in the river,

as you reach through the womb.

And at that we are one,

We become our true selves again.

Thanks for your persistence,

and the energy it gives.

Thank you for the seeds that flower in my being.



Demeter the dramatic goddess of the astrological chart. She always want so much drama. But is it true? YES! Demeter really felt it all, it seems. Who I tap into her energy, I feel all kinds of things, but most of all I feel angry, I feel wound up, I feel fired up for something even though I dont understand what it is!

Demeter is a goddess of fire and wood, of agriculture. When you put these things together, fire and wood, you could potentially end up quite the wild defence! And she is all about that. at least what I am tapping into this moment.

Demeter shows you where the seeds of your life are, where you would be most fruitful in terms of what you most likely would fight for, and win at. I say follow her call!


Oh How Funny

On how funny it feels to be in this matter

I trusted you with all my glitter,

and yet again you play me like a fool.

I feel so lost and yet I´m through,

I am not gonna take your bullshit no more!

So save me your cries,

I will not lose!

It is funny indeed how I let what you do,

all this things that you always do …

but now it is done,

I am through,

I am over.

The things in stone,

the things I wonder,

the things I always thought you would ponder,

are drowning.

I am now in the purest freedom, I am now where light shines upon me!

Thank you, Universe, for making me shine.

No more doubting, no more lies.

Mind Fragments

feels like destiny, she wrote

The most wonderful thing about writing is that you can literally write whatever you want.

Any shape and form is acceptable.

You choose.

Have fun!

That is at least what I see as the beautiful shapes that form letters appear on my screen.

I feel so content when I write.

It´s uncanny.

It´s just something else that I rarely, if never, use to experience, except when I am writing, just like this.

Mind Fragments Poetry

Defined By You

Like a flower in the spring, you show me colours that feel so free, and yet I drown in the water of everlasting sun.

Give me the strength, I thought to myself, and you looked at me with the gooey eyes, telling me you ain´t a saint.

I fly with the river, the hawk and the critter, so don’t be surprised when I show at the dock.



The purpose of life is what it has to be, as we flow through the waves of everlasting being.

I know in my heart what I want to be, but is it truly what I now can really see?

I search through the limelight, of what they really mean, I try to comprehend the meaning of these things. 

I want to feel your love, I want you in my heart.

Please forgive, and please make it stop.

I need sometime to think, 

I am… and so are you.

So excuse me if I may, 

I have to get to truth!

The scrambling, 

the feeling, I have inside.

Is all encompassing. 

It´s all I ever knew. 

Nothing more is needed,

´cause I know the truth.

As the sky went blank, the horizon showed it’s face, and we were all in unity.


Starlit Forgiveness

Roaming through the stars when I fall asleep, searching for some allies across the bluest phase.

I petition for forgiveness for all the hurt that came, for all the stains of anger, and all the truths we knew.

Across the dimensions, through time space reality, I forgive myself, and I forgive you.

Embody the Love once and for all. Never forget, never be small. The Love, the Love is the cure!

Mind Fragments Poetry

Rhythm of Life

Rhythm of Life, I feel all across my body.

Like a lingering light, wanting to cross over,

to the other side of existence,

to somewhere where it’s bright.

Light is the remedy,

I was told it was all it meant to be loved,

and I wonder, if I did or if I did not,

still Im here waiting for it to come.

The circle encloses in infinity of my mind, and yours in my hand.

Creation did happen, and oh, it was so Pure!

Forgive me for saying it was all it ever could.

Reach through my body of everlasting Light,

now I´m home, now I will suffice.

Mind Fragments Poetry


An Awakening is bound to happen. We will it inside, we know it has to!

Because all the things that together have formed, they have created something new to be born.

It is lovely. It is play. It is joy and it is heaven. It is all that we made. 


I know in my heart, I trust it with my soul. Or else the resistance would not be that bold?!

And the thing is, the resistance does not lie with the ones who try. 

Together we made this world, and we will create another. Today, tomorrow, and forever!


Mind Fragments Poetry

Flower Remedies

Flower Remedies in my heart, I feel them healing above and beyond.

Now I feel like I never did, never thought that this would be it!