Memories of a long lost dream,

as I break through conceptions,


and schemes.

I know where I came from,

I know who I am,

Surrounded by love,

swimming the streams.

Mind Fragments

The Secret Door To Everything

The secret door to everything is not that secret at all. It was within you all along, just waiting to be dicsovered. Harmony, balance, a healthy piece of mind, was all I ever wanted and I got it now!

Now and forever I continue on this path. I know that your are with me, because I feel you as I sleep. Your minds wandering in connection with mine, and we walk the stars, examining the skies.

I feel so grateful within me, I feel so blessed in life, nothing could ever stop me, because I lust for more than life.


Why Do You Hurt Me?

Why do you hurt me?

The pressure is strong

Why do you hurt me?

Do you even understand?

Sometimes I think you’re just far-out-too-gone

But mostly I feel

your love and it’s strong

So why do you hurt me?

I ask myself I again

Why I am suffering ’cause of your mistakes?

Why don’t you see me

here I am always have

Why I am feeling so sad about this now?

Trying to heal

trying to be

more than what have been shown to me

Here we are

strong and pure

Here we are making it through

This weird plane of existence


Quantum Quirks And Possibility

Quantum quirks and possibility,

the water is rising

almost debilitaing.

Now I can see the Lgiht in your eyes,

now I can see the truth of your lies!

I thought I had you,

that you were my friend.

Now I am left

shattered within!

Quantum quirks and possiblity,

I wish my way to another reality.

Almost like a breath of Spring,

I feel so new,

I am fulfilled.

So protected,

so lucky,

a winner indeed.

not longer colored by your misbelief.


It Was All Worth It

It was all worth it,

the tears down my face.

It was all worth it,

the tension in my brain.

It was all worth it,

the Love I felt inside,

sometimes lost and shadowed,

but always on the Path.

It was all worth it,

the scrambling fear and crooked lies.

It was all worth it,

for I do feel The Divine.

Made mistakes along the way, not to proud to not take the blame, ’cause I know what is Right.

And the Messenger came through.


Catching Waves


Bare hands

Bare feet

The clothes on my body cover how I feel


Above and below

The sea is my truth

The waves are my song


The dreadful white water

My vision is blurred

My mind tossed back and forward


Stillness has come

The sun is shining

And I am renewed