Missing You

I miss the days when we were so free

How you kissed me

how you made me see

but the friends are gone

and the party is over

now I all have this inner yearning

I long for more

I look to the stars

The flash comes on

Moving in high speed

I can feel this inner flight

Something pulls me

towards the sky

Soon I am done

being here

Soon I am back

Together with you.



Boundless Creation,

I feel it All inside.

The first and foremost rule

Is that nothing can’t be done.

Boundless we Live,

Bound by rules we Create.

Nothing is certain,

Yet all is in place.

Render me helpless,

Of your Love and Wisdom.

Freedom is found

When the Heart is what you breathe through.



And I who thought Atlantis was pure

that it was the way

the golden star

now I know something else

now I know of genetic sins

you don’t impress me

with your power of thought

you don’t get to have me wanting that energy

I know that of course some things were good

yet I feel betrayed

’cause they lied.


The Bard

Weave me like the sun beams,

touch your hair and skin.

Give me all you want,

and I will bring the truth.

The messenger within me

has to play the lute.

A tune thats everelasting,

Attune me to your too!

Forgive me if I sinned,

I did not mean no harm for you.

The gates are open,

once again,

I am coming back to you!

The Bard I am,

The Messenger.

The one who has to Play.

The one who has to make some noise

To make my Mark be felt.

I am now the Shapeshifter,

Shifting through your dreams,

and if you do forget me

I Will make you See.




The Serpent

Feel me Now

I love that Expansion hits me this hard

Now I am another Level

elevated through the Serpents Wisdom


The Naga

the snake,

the Goddess,

the Mother.

Of course I can fly wherever I want to!


Why Do I Love Being Human?

Why do I love neing human?

The feeling.

The wait.

Waiting forever, and brining it in.

I’m not dependant, on you.

I don’t need nothing but truth.

Truth I find in melody, in sound.

The music videos bring me

such joy.

Things were different in 2002,

now life is more about surving,

still good.

Refusal to make a change is what is,

I will not revolt to slavery for you.

So let me be,

you draconic sin.

I will not let you destroy my tea.




I’m done.

I’m all over the place.

Give up.

Give in.

Don’t let them win!

I won’t


how you made me feel,

let’s go

to the park,

Ascension is near.