Mind Fragments Poetry

Moment Of Truth

Moment of truth, a snap a crackle.

Something within just brust like a bubble.

Electrified by your field of visions.

Exemplary views of hues and friction.

You are mine, I am yours.

Feels so good, this complex fort.

What can I do, to make you understand?

Never had the knack for talking through.

I just love to write. I just want to be.

So hold me tight,

because we go for it.

Not afraid. Not anymore.

Nothing can hold me back no more!

I am the shadow, I am the light.

Together they form the perfect rhyme.


The Flower Of Persuasion

The moment I saw the in-between

you were like a starlight,

shining trough my eyes,

to the very Sirius star of Contemplation.

I knew you would see me like the light I am,

and that you are too,

so please Forgive and Love me Forever.

Because I will.


Keep Seeding The Light


dear soul,

please seed the light.

Keep your promise,

come as you are.

Keep on setting the limits you need,

keep on pushing the truth you have within.

No one said it would be easy,

no one said it was just pure.

Don’t forget,

remember who you are.



Like a trumpet in your mind

you feel the rhyme.

The promises

that were revealed.

The instant flow of energy

as you are healed.