Poetry of Life


Poetry of life begins in your heart,

touch the ceiling and reach for the stars!

Find yourself

as you look for me,

inside the Purpose,

inside the Dream.

Now connect,

be still with yourself.

Feel the drum of your Higher Self.

Trust that it will guide you,

that it will make you see,

what is lies in your heart,

what you came to be!

Fly with me and dream away.

You are now connected.

Walk away with a smile.

Ground into the Earth and Father Sky.

Free. Proud. Invincible.

With the Power of Love,

let GO.


Divine Marriage

So…when will it begin?

She asked, in the silence of inside currents

so wide they could penetrate any order.

I was perplexed, yet intrigued to get to know her.

She sat beside me,

touching my heart, and all went dark.

He came in the winter, and left in spring.

I did not know when.

He made me strong, he made me see,

what had to be done.

And then Life flourished,

like anticipated.