I am the bringer of dreams come to life.

I am the seed, the flower, the heat!

I will make you rise up once again.

I will bring your sorrows to end.

I am life, hard and cold.

I am life, warm and strong.

Please forgive me.


Kings And Queens

The King for my crown,

the Queen for my throne.

I am the purpose,

I am the song.

Bring me to life,

So I can breathe.

Seed the flower that needs to be free.


Somebody Like You

How much I love,

The rain on my face.

The sun in the waves,

please see me clearly.

I hope you understand,

If we were strangers,

I would bring you back again and again.

Love me,

hold me,

make me understand.

Your wounds are healing,

For that I can rest.

Let me be your shadow,

Let us integrate.

With your Light,

I will always find my way.

(Again, again and again)

xx for the fans. I know you understand. Just like the wave you keep on floating.