The purpose of life is what it has to be, as we flow through the waves of everlasting being.

I know in my heart what I want to be, but is it truly what I now can really see?

I search through the limelight, of what they really mean, I try to comprehend the meaning of these things. 

I want to feel your love, I want you in my heart.

Please forgive, and please make it stop.

I need sometime to think, 

I am… and so are you.

So excuse me if I may, 

I have to get to truth!

The scrambling, 

the feeling, I have inside.

Is all encompassing. 

It´s all I ever knew. 

Nothing more is needed,

´cause I know the truth.

As the sky went blank, the horizon showed it’s face, and we were all in unity.

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