Mind Fragments Poetry


The whispers of change I feel within, as they move through me, pass my will, my existence. I flow in the state of whatever comes, I trust that the light will guide my heart.

I am honoured, I am blessed, I am so lucky that I have known you.You are never too far away, still it breaks my heart that you are gone.

Trust in me, trust in us, trust in that always Love will surpass any challenge. Love will find its way no matter what they do.

So please believe, please understand. Please forgive and please be here!

And I will manage.

Dandelion expired spreading it's seeds
Photo by Nita from Pexels



Going in the flow, make it happen.

Make it all go flow, let it happen.

Let life do what it intended to do; be true, be you.


The Dock

The dock was fleeting above the ground, carried by the water.

Swift molecules, rubbing together, creating it’s true form, as of now.

I felt so loved. I felt true. I was born.

Photo by Heiner from Pexels

Mind Fragments

The Origin asked

The Origin asks what is life, I say you are it. You are Life. You are everything that we hoped for. Step into your role of the saviour that will share, Because.

Love is a matter of feeling, and you know how. You know how to act, how to see with Love. Forgive me, forgive me, for I have sinned, I sinned against the ego within. Nothing less, nothing more. Just the being of who I have become.

The time is Now, the time is near, so feel the closeness of All that is.
I know that you love me, and I love you. What else there is to do? Just really think through. Dimensions are awareness, not matter, it’s true.

Painting that looks like a nebula, Universe
Photo by Alexander Ant from PexelsPainti