Mind Fragments


Flowing in the sea, like I´m some kind of animal. Like a dolphin in the waves, like a whale breaching the surface.

No hiding anymore

I dont wanna let go

but I guess it makes sense

to flow with the ocean

as How I am.

The ocean waves flows through my skin, makes me forget who I were to begin with.

But I was

as I am

I am you and we are FREE!


The Seed of Creation

The seed of creation is living in our cells, it’s performing miracles each and every day.

That is the truth I have longed to feel, that is what I want to see!

´Cause the seed of creation is everywhere, in your soul, trust you’ll forget.

And that is okay.

It will find a purpose.

The Seed Of life is in you and me.
Photo by Gelgas Airlangga from Pexels

Love = Freedom

Love is a matter of trusting,

that all will be allright,

that no matter what happens

we will always see the Light.

Love is what binds us,

in this huge web of life,

Love is what brings us

closer to what is right!

Now come with me my children,

come with me my friends,

let us choose different,

let us be strong again!


Let GO

The feeling of Let Go,

Let Go,

let go of my Heart.

My charms, my beauty,

all that I am.

I let go now.

I dive deep within.

You were to me a rock in sea,

forever true,

but Now You are Free.


The world right Now

The world moves

Like the rising sun

I feel the mode

Deep in my heart

We are in the deep for the worst

Retaining the teachings of the lost

Forever and Now


Keep your heart

Know you will win


Forces of Nature

I feel like I am the ocean

deep, yet unforgivable

still I continuously try

to make it better

It is easy to blame the waters

Because it is out of your control

Yet you cannot be without

and keep coming back for more

the Truth shall be

as we shall be Free

Photo by Kammeran Gonzalez-Keola from Pexels

The Ebb and Flow

The ebb and flow conjuring

anything I need,

anything I wish.

´Cause I have the mind of a constant solstice,

turning around,

making it taller.

The ebb and flow of the feelings within,

are such a gift

and such a sin.

What could I do, other than to live?

I ask you,

and I ask myself.

´Cause the ebb and flow keeps growing further,

it teaches us to live in service.

Service of God,

and for all that´s good,

A choice to be made,

I know I would.


The Road To Heaven

The road to Heaven is in my Heart

I cross the Bridge through all the Stars

‘Cause in me the Light is Divine

And it’s my Purpose to bring it to Life