Loneliness and sorrow,

I feel so down and low.

As nothing seems to cease

this mourning in my soul.

Life has brought me joy

but also something dark,

and now it has enclosed

my lonely beating heart.

Rebirth and spring

I like the sound of that,

for what I truly need

is to flower.

Picture by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels


erase my mind

erase my heart


turn off

and start

computer mind

I like the line

0´s and 1´s

I just need time

Mind Fragments

Transcending Limitations

Life is all about transforming, changing, becoming. We live, we die. We live again. I think that fear is largely the reason for our limitations.

We fear the change, that often is bound to happen. You might call it destiny, because life always wants to expand, to become more. We are the universe experiencing itself and thats what it wants.

That is why we don´t remember our past lives when we are born into the physical again, because its all about experience.

One of the most powerful prayers I have encountered is this:

“Please heal all my fear based thoughts.”

Use this powerful prayer to overcome, and transcend your limitations. You deserve it. I believe as long as we operate from Love, we are safe. Love is what expands consciousness, fear does just the opposite.

I wish that all people, all beings, can be healed. We all do things that we regret, and some people are hurt so much that they lose their sight of what is right. We must overcome this. In the end we are all part of the same structure. The One.

We all have a responsibility to heal our minds and hearts. Don’t give your power away, own it.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay 


You left,

you came,

back again.

Shattered in pieces I laid on the bed,

pouring my dreams out.

“What do you mean?”

I ask myself,

as I looked behind the curtain,

“is it over now?”

I can´t seem to be the one you thought I was,

laying here,

in my shattered dream.

Time will pass it always does,

and nothing is constant,

except for the lies.

Now the pieces were on the floor,


deep in the Great Mother.

And I found myself,


Mind Fragments

Thoughts on Freedom

Take me back to the fields of green, where the ocean smell like flowers, bursting in bloom.

Show me how you did it, I want to do it too, so I can be free, just like you.

Your soul speaks to me on more levels than I can count, it has made me realise we truly all are one.

The Law of One persits, on all levels of existence, it’s so beautiful. What more do you need?

Life is about experience, the ups and downs, the losses and the wins. But most of all; the choices that we make.

That’s how it is, and always will be, for sentient beings like ourselves.

So claim your Light, and never forget about what’s right.

Love for All.