The Hopeful Voyager

The hopeful voyager walks on his path,

his steps are large, his head is high.

Walking on dreams of truth and success,

he wants to be it in the flesh!

A time comes around when all is dark,

he can´t see his future, nor his past.

After a while he once more breaks free,

all is good, all is healed.

Picture by Gaetan THURIN from Pexels


Let go of my heart, or else I can´t breathe.

Show me your love, or else I can´t eat.

´Cause I want you, and what you are.

Whatever that is…

Everything about you makes me see the stars.

Give me your reason,

so I can shine too.


The Little House

The little house by the sea

felt so calm, bold and free.

Yet at times it cried out loud,

it was so lonely every night!

The little house did not share

its deepest secrets, with none but me.

Now that I was gone away,

the little house could only pray!

Bilde av Leonardo Rossatti fra Pexels

The Walk

And the truth shall set you free

I was walking down the silky roads

the skies were blue and peach in colour

luring me in a like a sweet dream

that I never wanted to stop

In some way I knew this was the only way

the only possibility

to get this through

to become free

We all understood the purpose

but yet again

we were all afraid

But not anymore

Fear is not real, though danger is

I chose Love

and so did you



The day of time, now or never. Settle me in, as I go through with feathers. I fly so high, above and below. My kings and queens surrender, behold! I am the spirit of warrior self, I will not back down, I will not be held.



Take my hand,

guide me trough the dark.

I look at you, and see the stars.

Your wings carry me through.

Bilde av Ave Calvar Martinez fra Pexels


Color me red as I dive in the sea.

Lost memories passing through the veil.

I am the Phoenix, rising now above.

Now it´s no more hiding. I now can face the sun.

Photo by ben gursky from Pexels
Mind Fragments

Write, Sing Your Heart Out!

She faded into the dream of all coming true, she knew in her heart that what she set out to do could become a reality.

Pure and bright. Always on sight. She knew that inside, she was a true manifestor. A manifestor of worlds that could create the most beautiful thing, to heal the mind, body and soul.

She knew that we all had to be on the same frequency to work, to come to life. To breathe she had to write her heart out, sing her heart out, and not being afraid.

In the words she found comfort, she found peace. It was quiet, and only she could see it if she chose to. And that was a true relief. That was wonderful because she could be whoever she wanted to be. She is free.

Time to go to the new world. Love is pure. That great feeling when you feel so good about at what you are doing, the flow of energy and will. Intentions of finding the true source within.

Where is the core? The core of your being? Here. Just here and everywhere. What are you connected to?

She was a newborn ready for life in its purest form. Moldavite, adapt. She felt the change coming. Transformation. What do you put out in the world?

I am free.


The Light Shining On Me

Photo by Ruvim from Pexel

The Light Shining On Me

It Feels so Warm and Pretty

I am Blessed to be Alive

Hear the Call

On the Surface

It´s Building Up

I Know I Can Do This

Bless my Soul

Forever and Now

And Some Days it Feels so Different

Still I Know that I am Worthy

Worthy of All I Ever Wanted

Bless my Soul

Bless my Soul

Bless my Soul

Forever and Now