Mind Fragments

Thoughts for Today

Ah! The wonder! Life is very interesting. I see many things here on my way and I never get tired of learning.

I think if you stop learning you will slowly die inside, your soul starts decaying and you feel old. Of course this body is slowly dying but the soul is not.

Expand your potential! It´s exciting to live. I´m grateful for that each and every day. When I wake up I clean my aura, listen to some guided mediation and drink two big glasses of water. Start my day with a bang!

I hope you all are doing okay regarding the circumstances.

I know it´s hard and even worse for those of you who have lost friends and family. Please don´t let the fear take over your life. It will come to an end but make sure you don´t loose yourself in the passing of this.

Stay true to your light.

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