Mind Fragments

Thoughts for Today

Ah! The wonder! Life is very interesting. I see many things here on my way and I never get tired of learning.

I think if you stop learning you will slowly die inside, your soul starts decaying and you feel old. Of course this body is slowly dying but the soul is not.

Expand your potential! It´s exciting to live. I´m grateful for that each and every day. When I wake up I clean my aura, listen to some guided mediation and drink two big glasses of water. Start my day with a bang!

I hope you all are doing okay regarding the circumstances.

I know it´s hard and even worse for those of you who have lost friends and family. Please don´t let the fear take over your life. It will come to an end but make sure you don´t loose yourself in the passing of this.

Stay true to your light.



Bring me the horizon, and I will bring the dawn.

Show me the light, so I can shine too.

Give me a reason.


The Mystical Flower

The mystical flower

that just wants to be born

In light and purpose

Forever we roll

Rolling on the good sense


Being awesome

‘Cause thats who I am


Collecting Soul Fragments

I am now in the process of collecting my soul, pieces that were, pieces of old.

They are parts of me that I could not bare, too much that hurt that had to be shed.

Slowly but surely, I am regaining my strength.

Slowly but surely, I am whole again.

Thank you for gifting me this new way of life, forever grateful, I will shine my light.

The times will change like the tide in the sea.

It all moves in cycles, soon you will see



I was looking in the mirror.

A gaze stared back,

right into the soul of this world.

Nothing had changed,

yet everything was different.

Photo by Lukáš Dlutko from Pexels

The Fleet

Once you met me

High above

We were all

We were Love

Now I see the Truth in me

Oh God exists

But what does it mean?

Forever changes

Forever comes

Love is perfect

We are one

Mind Fragments


Sometimes I don’t feel like doing anything. I just want to exist. The demands of the outside world seem impossible to carry out, as I drift off in a mental sleep, dreaming of another way of life.

When this happens I fray from indulging.

Life is a journey, and we are here to experience, learn and live it to the fullest. Nothing is constant yet its always the same, as it has been and always will be, just in another shape and form. Transmuted.

Photo by Adonyi Gábor from Pexels

The Mystery


reveal to me

the power of purpose kept within

shine your light on my soul

so I can grow in the mode

all is here

always been

now its time to let it in

Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels


Creation of Life

The creation of life, a perfect tune, lost in the spaces where everything blooms. Love is inside me, above and below. Show me my purpose, I am ready to go.

Photo by F T from Pexels



I crossed the gate in the shadow of your wings

you were ready for flight

and I was going under

deep down to the core of the earth

to find what you once lost

and held so dearly

I am not afraid of the dark, you said

still you were leaving it all behind

and I was left picking up the pieces